I really shouldn’t buy that whisky sea salt fudge from that shop in town. I go through a single bag in a couple of days and then wonder why I’m feeling as if I’ve been overeating.

I’ve been tidying my bedroom/study. A number of large piles of RPG supplements and beading/patchwork magazines are now carefully organised stacks of RPG supplements and beading/patchwork magazines. So much better.

Now that I’ve got a bit further with “making up a bag using cotton scraps via foundation piecing”, I need to move on to trying the next step, which is “making up a bag using silk scraps via foundation piecing”. On the negative side, this will produce a much more fragile bag. On the positive side, some people may want a more-fragile-but-made-of-silks bag. It’s hard to satisfy a taste when you don’t really share it. I know I’d always go for the more solid bag.

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