Monument Valley

I’ve had multiple friends recommend the Monument Valley game to me (for iPad, iPhone, etc) and I now have it. Well, technically I’ve now finished it. It isn’t long.

But it is absolutely gorgeous. Escher art, incredibly simple play, barely visible but implied story, told by gentle implication and a few fragments of dialogue, and an epilogue which had me in tears, even though it was happy.

A beautiful, beautiful piece of work.

spelling medical

I do not tend to post about my day job here. For one thing, parts of it come under confidentiality. I work in the NHS. Patient data. You get the idea.

But for the other thing, I don’t think it would interest most people who might look at this. Yes, it’s relevant to me about how we’re removing limited status square bracket concepts which were created previously in order to provide one-to-one maps for all possible ICD-10 and OPCS-4 codes, but I am not sure it would be relevant, let alone interesting, to everyone else.

On the positive side, at least it means I can spell my medical terms, even if I have to remember the difference between American and English spellings. (For the record, English has oedema, anaemia, and paediatric, while American has edema, anemia, and pediatric. And so on.)

But anyhow. My job is not so fascinating to others that I post at length about it, and this is why.

Dragons and libraries and Fae are much more interesting.