Happy holidays to everyone!

I’m about to head down to visit my family for Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone, however you celebrate them, and may we all have a happy new year.

Upcoming items of interest: The Burning Page will be out in America shortly, and also will be out in audiobook format. In both cases it comes out on the 10th of January…

The Burning Page now released!

The Burning Page has now been turned loose on the world. This eldritch tome contains the inner world-shattering mind-fragmenting secrets of gods and demons… no, wait, that’s the Book of Ebon Bindings, which is an entirely different setting and cosmology.

(I do have a different non-Irene setting in mind which involves hermetic magic, demons, and cats, but that’s an entirely different book, and I need another 24 hours in every day if I’m to write it. Maybe once the Library series comes to a pause…)

Thank you to everyone who has bought it, who will buy it, who is thinking of buying it – you get the idea. And if you read it and like it, then a review would be a very nice Christmas present for this author.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. May your libraries prosper, may your bookshelves always flourish, and may your daydreams be enjoyable.

three days to go

It’s difficult to know where to look in the run-up to a book release. Part of me wants to keep on googling the book title or my name, or checking Goodreads for any new reviews, or otherwise fretting and twitching. The other part of me wants to follow the ostrich strategy, by burying my head in the sand and hoping that Thursday 15th December arrives without me noticing the gap between here and now.

Either way, it’s nerve-wracking.

(Yes, yes, Genevieve, I can hear you saying it now. These are all very petty issues compared with the fact that you are about to have a book come out. And believe me when I say that I can see your point…)

(I’m just twitching with nerves.)

However, I will be extremely delighted about the fact that The Invisible Library is one of Library Journal’s best SF/Fantasy books of 2016. This is the sort of thing that has me thrilled beyond belief, and mostly beyond words. I mean, what can I say? That it’s incredibly cool? That I’m so grateful? That I’m delighted that people have enjoyed it that much, and I hope they enjoy the sequels too?

Well, besides all that. You get the idea.

I’ve also been honoured to be featured in the Barnes & Noble YA Open Mic for December. As the title puts it: “11 Authors Discuss Quitting Smoking, Online Harassment, and More.” (I come under the “more”.)

Anyhow. Three days to go. Be nice to authors, we’re nervous little flowers.