Review of the series so far on File770

I’ve been privileged to have a review done on the whole Invisible Library series so far by J.J on (always an excellent site). Here it is:

Checking out The Invisible Library from Genevieve Cogman

Also, The Burning Page is now out on audiobook, and I will be doing a giveaway shortly. Watch this blog/space!

US release of The Burning Page!

I should probably write something witty or intelligent or deeply meaningful, but I’m too busy collapsing with a glass of Tokaji. (My excuse is that it’s something Silver would drink, and that this is therefore pure research. Excuses are wonderful things. Remind me to write Silver with a glass of it at some point in the future.)

Here is a link to the book on

And here’s the audio version.

Thank you, all my readers. I appreciate you taking the time to read my books, and I hope that you enjoy them.

5 days till American release of The Burning Page

I’m back from holiday and back at work again. Not that I want to be pessimistic, but it’s difficult to be wildly enthusiastic when you get back to work after the Christmas holidays in a cold grey January…

But! The Burning Page is out in America in five days, as both physical/ebook and audiobook, on the 10th January. And it’s been picked by Amazon as one of the Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of the Month for January. It’s also on Barnes & Noble’s Bookseller’s Picks: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of January 2017. This is absolutely fantastic!

… I do hope people like it. (Yes, I know. Authors. Shy little paranoid flowers.)

And I seem to have made Omni’s list of Best Emerging Fantasy Authors of 2016, which is really, really fantastic. (And in such good company!)