home for the holidays

This year, touch wood, I am spending Christmas with my parents. Off down south tomorrow (Tuesday) and back after the new year.

Take care and stay safe, everyone. And if you’re in America – watch for THE UNTOLD STORY when it comes out . . .

The Untold Story – released!

Today is the UK release of The Untold Story.

(Don’t think of it as necessarily the end of the series; just think of it as the end of the current season. There may be more, later – but I have to finish the new trilogy first . . .)

I can only say that I hope you enjoy it.

And cheer up, US readers – it’ll be out for you too very soon.

quick note on Untold Story giveaway

I’ve sent copies of The Untold Story to the winners whom I could contact and who gave me their addresses: Alex Roberts, Katherine McCormack, Petra Kalhotkov√° and Kathryn Kynaston.

I’m unable to send copies yet to Barbara and Kevin (both of whom put their names down on the Goodreads sync of my blog), as I don’t have their contact details. So if you’re reading this, Barbara and Kevin, please ping me on Goodreads.

Otherwise . . . well, I hope you’re all doing better in your Christmas planning and present-organising than I am. (mutters, stares at list, mutters some more)

The Untold Story sweepstake winners

Many thanks to everyone who sent in their names, for your enthusiasm and for your generous comments about how much you liked the series.

Some of the winners are from the Goodreads sync of this blog, and some left their comments on this blog directly. I ended up pulling out 6 names rather than 5 – well, it is Christmas.

The winners are:

On grcogman.com
Alex Roberts
Katherine McCormack
Petra Kalhotkov√°
Kathryn Kynaston

On Goodreads:

I’ve sent emails to the winners from grcogman.com. I’ve left comments for the winners on Goodreads – please message me there with your postal address so that I can send your copy.

With a bit of luck, and with God and the post willing, everyone might even get their copies before Christmas . . .