So, well. I have my head down most of the time at the moment, what with book five, book four, and work as usual. I know you’re all out there, and I appreciate the support, and I apologise for being too busy to write much here at the moment.

(I did go to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show on Saturday, but that was something completely different. Rumours that I came back with a bag full of silk and quilting cotton and books and yarn are very accurate. It was great fun.)

I’m going to be at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club on Tuesday in London – it’s being hosted by Pan Macmillan (my publishers! yay!) and also there will be Lucy Hounsom, John Gwynne, Laura Hughes, and other people too. If you’re there, I look forward to meeting you. Though I won’t be able to stay too late – I have to get back to Leeds for a filling at the dentist the next morning. (Yes, that is such a wonderful way to start the day. Unfortunately, the only thing worse than having a filling is needing a filling and not getting a filling, so . . .)