here today, Amsterdam tomorrow (well, Monday)

Work continues on books seven (editing) and eight (writing). There is a title for book seven, which I will share when I can, and I’ve seen the UK and US draft covers for it, both of which are beautiful.

I’m now on annual leave from the day job for a couple of weeks – using up leave before the end of the year, as are coworkers, which results in a logjam of everyone wanting to take time off and careful negotiations to make sure we aren’t all away at once. I’m off to Amsterdam on Monday for a few days; I’ve been there once before (a few years ago) and really enjoyed it. It’s not formal research, but who knows what I might come across there which would be useful for later writing? (And before you all ask: yes, I did try a hash brownie there when I visited before, out of curiosity, and yes, it was interesting, but no, I don’t think I’ll do it again.)

Secret Chapter now available as US audible book

The Secret Chapter is now available in the US as an audible book. I hope that anyone who was waiting for it enjoys it!

As for me, I’m carrying on with the regular day job, working on book 8 first draft, waiting for the edits for book 7 . . .