and now the waiting

I’ve just turned in the draft of the third book of the SCARLET REVOLUTION trilogy, and am now feeling very exhausted and unstrung. Fortunately I’m about to head home to visit my parents for the next week, so I will be idle and lazy. What a lovely thought.

SCARLET is still available at just 99p for the UK ebook on both Amazon and Apple:

So gather ye rosebuds while ye may, etc, if you are so inclined.

Barely over a month to go now till ELUSIVE is released. I hope it will entertain.

get your Scarlets cheap, all you shoppers

For those of you who buy your e-books in the UK, SCARLET is currently just 99p on Amazon for the e-book. Available at:

ELUSIVE comes out in a month and a half, and I am, as usual, in a state of nerves. (Logic and reason and kind reassurance have very little effect on said nerves, alas. However, post-Easter bargain chocolate helps, which is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

Eastercon in the UK was absolutely excellent, and I had a wonderful time. My compliments to the organising Committee and to everyone who attended. Next up, Worldcon in August – membership and hotel room already booked.

Currently working on personal edits for book 3 in the SCARLET REVOLUTION trilogy. After that it goes to my publishers, and comes back in a few weeks with a lot more edits. That’s how it goes. But I hope to get in a little holiday first . . .