Where do we stand? Well, book two seems pretty much wrapped up, and now I’m working on book three. (Rocks fall! Everyone dies! Hopefully not.)

I will be attending the Nine Worlds convention in London in August. Other than that, I expect to be keeping my nose to the grindstone. And my shoulder to the wheel. And similar unhelpful contortions, assisted by coffee. Ah coffee, I love you dearly, never leave me.

Currently watching the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell tv series, which is extremely good. Mind you, the book is even better, so go and read that. I admit to bias. I almost always prefer the book, even if the tv series is a priceless gem and an adaptation of the sort which is only seen once in a lifetime. I think it’s because I get so deeply into the book that I want to have every single moment and every single line in the tv adaptation, or in the movie, and while technically I realise that isn’t possible and won’t be happening, a part of me still regrets it. For instance, the scene in the book where the Gentleman enchants the King and Jonathan, and Jonathan has to perform the “moon before my eyes” charm. Absolutely fantastic in the book. I do accept that they probably couldn’t do it in a tv version. But I still miss it.

(And yes, I would no doubt be a Norrellite. Far happier among my books than at a party.)