The Masked City now up on amazon!

Creeping quietly, with catlike tread, (and!) have put up entries for book two in the Library sequence, The Masked City. Due out in October.

I am torn between being delighted about how gorgeous it looks (thank you, my publishers! thank you, my cover designer!) and wanting to show it to all my friends, and even people who aren’t my friends, and on the other hand hiding in a corner and chewing my fingernails until it comes out. Which is going to be another five months yet, so probably not the world’s best option.

On a side note, the cover of the German-language version of The Invisible Library (due out in December) is now visible on

I have been blessed with some gorgeous covers.

hard at it

My current workload is strewn all over my flat. Notes for book three, and now the page-proofs for book two. (And everything else that’s strewn all round the flat, because, well, these things just happen, and I’m sure that everyone has a load of unfinished quilts and balls of yarn and bits of fabric and whatever piled up around the place. Right? Right.)

If you commented on my last post in order to win a copy of the audiobook of The Invisible Library, then please check: you may have won. (And if you did win and I sent you a copy, then bravo.)

I’ve been beset by another idea, which for the moment I’m just piling up notes about, since there’s no time to work on it. For what it’s worth, the notes include comments on Arthuriana, Goetia, cats, and Bletchley Park. We shall see.