still ten miles high


This is fantastic.

I just got reviewed in the Guardian. A good review, at that. – I’m one of the five people mentioned.

I will now go and have happy dreams. (And then get on with writing books 2 and 3.)

bursting out all over!

The Invisible Library is now out as a physical paperback on, as well as a Kindle ebook! And it’s available in Waterstones, and WH Smith, and everywhere…

(Please excuse me while I sniffle into my glass of icewine. Everyone’s been so nice.)

If you’ve been reading it, and you enjoyed it, then I’m very glad. Thank you. Book two is in the pipeline!

get it while you can!

The Invisible Library is currently available on Amazon as an e-book, at a reduced price as part of the Twelve Days of Christmas – get it while you can!

In other news, I had a lovely Christmas, and am getting over a ferocious cold. These two facts are coterminous but not correlated. Excuse me while I cough.

Book 2 is in edit stages. Book 3 is being written. I will hope that they don’t disappoint.