free audiobook giveaway of The Invisible Library

Those who saw this blog yesterday saw that I was bouncing up and down and screaming – er, that is, expressing my happiness in a mature and decorous manner – about The Invisible Library being released as an audiobook. (Available on,, and amazon!) As you might guess, I’m still totally thrilled.

In order to celebrate the book’s release as an audiobook I’m running a little random giveaway on this blog. The conditions are:

a) post a comment to this entry, giving me a book that Irene should “acquire” for the Library. (Books have to be works of fiction, but can be real or can be fictional. Go ahead. Amuse me.) Only one entry per person, please.

… er, that’s all the conditions.

I’ll draw the winner at midnight UK time on Sunday 19th April. (I have to be up for work on Monday morning, after all…) The winner will get an audio download code for The Invisible Library. Thanks in advance to all those who comment.

Oh, and for anyone who wants a double chance of winning a copy, Lucienne Diver (my admirable, excellent, and awesome agent) is also running her own giveaway on her blog at – and her blog’s an excellent read in any case, so you’re on the credit side of the ledger whichever way you stack it up.

audiobook available!

The Invisible Library is now out on audiobook!

… and

Beautifully read by Susan Duerden, and making me go “this sounds awesome… did I actually write this?”

audiobook out tomorrow!

The audiobook version of The Invisible Library comes out tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear it. And there will be a little random giveaway on this site coming up, so watch this space.

Otherwise, I’ve handed in the copy-edits on The Masked City (book two), and I’m working on book three. No rest for the wicked…