American publication!

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to announce that I am going to be published in America by Ace/Roc Books.

More details will follow about publication dates, no doubt gorgeous covers, etcetera, as soon as I have them.

I am currently higher than a zeppelin and bouncing around the room. (Or at least, I would be, but I need to get on with editing book three…) Many thanks to Ace/Roc for taking me on, and I am just so pleased at the moment that I lack appropriate vocabulary to express it.



little drops of water, little grains of sand

First note: The Invisible Library is currently at 99p on in Kindle format:

I don’t know how long it’ll be that way, so take advantage while you can. (Apologies to non-UK readers.)


Second note: I’m in the editing stage on book 3. It doesn’t have a definite title yet. I have something in mind, but it may give away too much of the plot, so … we’ll see.


Third note: I may have some good news in the near future. More details when I have them. Hopefully very soon.