Scarlet – UK cover reveal

I’m delighted to share the UK cover for SCARLET, the first book in the Scarlet Revolution trilogy. You can also read the prologue and the first chapter at the following link.


See how generous and merciful your vampire nobility is? We definitely don’t deserve to be sent to the guillotine, or anything like that . . .

The current planned publication date, for both the UK and US (as far as I know) is May 2023. However, as we have had demonstrated to us in the last few years, everything is subject to fate, so let’s just all cross our fingers and hope for the best.

just a quick update

I had a fantastic time in Rome. Got there safely, got back safely, saw the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums and many other cool things, had excellent meals, enjoyed the lovely weather.

I’m currently neck-deep in the copy-edit for the US edition of SCARLET, and the proofs for the UK edition of SCARLET. (And the US proofs for SCARLET are looming in the future, too.) Hopefully back to book 2 soon.

There should be something interesting in the near future which I look forward to sharing. (Sorry, can’t say more than that for the moment.)

Thought Bubble this weekend in Harrogate, and the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate next weekend. While I’d have preferred them a little bit more spaced out, this will be a lot of fun.