a little vacation

Not much to share recently: I’ve been doing edits on book 2 (ELUSIVE) or working on the first draft of book 3, or just getting along with life.

However, I’m about to have a few days in Lisbon (in Portugal), so fingers crossed for sunshine and for a nice break from absolutely everything.

(And yes, everything is research. Everything.)

Elusive – UK cover

The UK cover of ELUSIVE is now visible (unlike the Pimpernel himself, who still evades the clutches of the Committee of Public Safety). You can see it, together with details, at:

Things have been fairly quiet otherwise – I’ve been getting on with life. Day job, edits on ELUSIVE, first draft for book 3, etcetera. The weather has definitely turned autumnal. I’ve got a few days in Lisbon booked at the end of October, which will be a lovely break.