The Secret Chapter – released!

The Secret Chapter is out today in the UK, and I hope you all enjoy it! (US release date is January 2020 – apologies.)

For convenience in buying, here’s a link:

In other news, The Mortal Word is still available for just 99p as an e-book, at

And some American news: the e-book of The Masked City is currently being featured in a Bookbub low price promotion through November 24thfor just $1.99:

Mortal Word ebook offer

Just a quick note – The Mortal Word ebook is currently on offer for just 99p on UK Amazon. (I thought it was just a “daily deal”, but it seems to still be at the reduced price – I have no idea how long it’ll stay that way, but get it while you can, if you want it!)

(Link at for anyone who can’t see the link above.)

And of course, The Secret Chapter comes out in 5 days time in the UK, on November 14th. Nerves . . .

Eleven days and counting!

Just eleven days to go till the (UK) release of The Secret Chapter. I’m at the stage of trying not to panic, hoping people like it, and twitching violently at random moments. You know how it is.

The audio version is being narrated by Kristin Atherton, and should be coming out in tandem, and I can’t wait to hear it!

In other news, I’m back from Brussels and back at work (and back to writing book 7 in the evenings). The clocks have gone back, the weather has turned cold and grey, but the city lights have gone up for Christmas – it feels far too early, but I can’t deny that they’re comforting of an evening.

And it seems that we’re having an election in the UK. I probably shouldn’t give you any political directions – but if you’re of age, please do register to vote. And please do vote.