The Masked City – e-book Spring Sale on Amazon

Wow. Well, it seems that The Masked City is part of Amazon’s spring sale for e-books on Kindle. It’s now going at 99p, so if you wanted to pick it up cheaply, and you’re in the UK, this is a very convenient opportunity. (Apologies to all readers who aren’t in the UK…)

The Masked City – on

In other news, I’m sorry to be updating so rarely. Life has my nose to the grindstone and my shoulder to the wheel, and in between trying to manage both these positions at once, I’m kept hopping. (How many metaphors can I mix in one sentence? Far too many.) But book 3, The Burning Page, is on the way. More details when I have them…

Goodreads giveaway – American galleys of The Invisible Library

Ace Roc Books are giving away 24 copies of The Invisible Library! Check it out at:

(In other news, I’m doing edits on book three, The Burning Page, and writing book four…)