USA giveaway of The Masked City

My US publishers (Ace and Roc Books) are doing a giveaway on Goodreads – 12 days to go in which to try your luck and get a free copy of The Masked City. 30 copies are up for grabs.

You can see the giveaway at:
The Masked City – Goodreads giveaway

It finishes on September the 4th, and – as you will already know (cue flashback montage, pages flickering across the screen, etc) the book itself comes out on the 6th September.

Action! Excitement! Adventure! Venice! People falling in canals! Speak now or forever hold your peace… wait, that’s weddings. (Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be relevant somewhere down the line…)

back in the jug agane

Just back from:

a) a splendid time at the Nine Worlds convention in London.
b) a very relaxing and extremely lazy few days with my parents where I did nothing. Well, almost nothing. I did work on the next chapter of book four, but apart from that I did practically nothing. (I might possibly have played Pokemon Go a little…)

Anyhow, back to work now. (For those people curious about the entry title, check out the Molesworth books by Willans & Searle.) Work as usual starts again tomorrow, plus I have the American proofs of book 3 (The Burning Page) to check, and book 2 (The Masked City) comes out in America on the 6th of September, which is very close indeed…