The Lost Plot – audio giveaway

Apologies for not posting for a few days – things have been hectic. I’ve just turned in the first draft for book five (yes, it has a title, yes, I’ve seen the cover, yes, I hope to show you both soon) and the day job is also in the middle of a busy cycle. So I have had very little brain of late.

However, I do have a special giveaway!

Please respond to this post. From the collected people who’ve replied here by Saturday 27th January, I will pick five people at random who will win a copy of the audiobook version of The Lost Plot.

(Terms and conditions: end of giveaway will be Saturday 27th January, 12 o’clock midnight UK time. Also, I will list the names of the people who got drawn as winners on a later blog post here, but if you don’t respond to me, I will not know your email and I will have no way of sending you the authorisation code for the audiobook. Which would be a pity.)

And thank you, to everyone who’s bought the book, whether as physical book, ebook, or audio – I hope you enjoyed it.

The Lost Plot – now out in America!

The Lost Plot is released in America today.

(Insert lots of exclamation marks here.)

Amazon – The Lost Plot

Audible – The Lost Plot audiobook

Thank you to everyone who’s supporting the series. I hope that you enjoy it! (I love you all, have some cocktails, dance the night away, get chased by wolves, etcetera…)