I’m afraid there isn’t much news: I’m working on book 7 edits (The Dark Archive), and on the first draft of book 8. (There’s a long way to go.) Still healthy, still working from home, still wearing a mask when I go to the shops and washing my hands a lot.

It strikes me that I should probably say this here, since it is my blog. So – wear a mask when you’re in closed or confined spaces with strangers (shops, public transport, etc). It doesn’t hurt, and the more people who wear them, the more it cuts down transmission to other people and the better off we all are.

I’ve been spending some of my spare time relaxing by playing Occupy White Walls, a game on Steam where you get to create and curate an art gallery. Surprisingly luxurious – you can just wave a hand and say, “Yes, I’ll have that El Greco, and that Gentileschi, and that Degas, and hang them all on the wall of my private art gallery . . .”

Special offer of the month – The Masked City is currently on UK Amazon for just 99p for the ebook. If you don’t already have it, you can find it at:

Take care and stay safe.