Those who saw this blog yesterday saw that I was bouncing up and down and screaming – er, that is, expressing my happiness in a mature and decorous manner – about The Invisible Library being released as an audiobook. (Available on,, and amazon!) As you might guess, I’m still totally thrilled.

In order to celebrate the book’s release as an audiobook I’m running a little random giveaway on this blog. The conditions are:

a) post a comment to this entry, giving me a book that Irene should “acquire” for the Library. (Books have to be works of fiction, but can be real or can be fictional. Go ahead. Amuse me.) Only one entry per person, please.

… er, that’s all the conditions.

I’ll draw the winner at midnight UK time on Sunday 19th April. (I have to be up for work on Monday morning, after all…) The winner will get an audio download code for The Invisible Library. Thanks in advance to all those who comment.

Oh, and for anyone who wants a double chance of winning a copy, Lucienne Diver (my admirable, excellent, and awesome agent) is also running her own giveaway on her blog at – and her blog’s an excellent read in any case, so you’re on the credit side of the ledger whichever way you stack it up.

11 responses to “free audiobook giveaway of The Invisible Library”

  1. Jennifer Ryan says:

    This is such a hard question! But I’ll have to go with “The Argonautica” (3rd Century BC), Greek epic poem written by Apollonius Rhodius, because it has two of the earliest dragons in literature. It is also the only surviving Hellenistic Period epic and was written during the age of the great Library of Alexandria, so I believe it would have significant value to The Library!

    • grcogman says:

      Congratulations! You are going to get a copy of the Invisible Library audiobook.

      Please drop me an email using the Contact page on this website, and I’ll email you the download code.

  2. Jane Craggs says:

    Yes! Contest heaven: Another beautifully written magical library-themed book, this time in Barcelona is La Sombra del Viento” by Carlos Ruíz Zanón – you can of course get the translation “Shadow of the Wind”. Irene could have a fabulous adventure getting a copy of this or any of the books that appear inside its rustling pages … even crossing paths with its protagonists. Getting excited just imagining it! Wish it was nearer book-bed time!

    • grcogman says:

      Congratulations! You are going to get a copy of the Invisible Library audiobook.

      Please drop me an email using the Contact page on this website, and I’ll email you the download code.

  3. A H Cassells says:

    A History of Imported Bookmarks by G.O.Ogle (U.K. Edition)

    • gcogman says:

      I’m not sure that’s a “work of fiction”, and as we know, the Library collects stories, not historical fact. Would you like to suggest something else?

      • A H Cassells says:

        Sorry. I may have been confusing ‘fictional’ with ‘fictitious’. Unless you consider that the author, Genevieve Olive Ogle was a Librarian herself.

        Genevieve has gone missing and the Library bosses have found a Library card indicating she once secretly self published a book. There was only one copy printed but it is not to be found anywhere within the Library. As the book contained a fictional account of the activities of the Library they cannot allow it to exist outside the Library. The book also contains a plot where a major villain has placed clues to his next evil plan within the pages of books collected by the Library, the pages highlighted with exotic bookmarks.

        The title of her book was deliberately unremarkable as she did not want to attract attention. But could her disappearance and that of the book mean there was more to her story than fiction? With so many possible alternates to search Irene has to begin her investigation within the Library itself and follow the bookmark trail.

        I may have just subconsciously initiated your first fan fiction. I apologise for its poor quality. I look forward to the next in the series.

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