Readers, aristocrats, revolutionaries, common folk, and agents of the Committee of Public Safety, it is my very great pleasure to announce that ELUSIVE, the second book in the SCARLET REVOLUTION trilogy, is now out and may be observed loitering elegantly in public places!

(Okay, so technically it’s only currently the 22nd May in certain parts of the world, but here in the UK we’ve passed midnight and it’s the 23rd May, so the heck with it.)

If anyone’s particularly after a signed copy, I can confirm that Forbidden Planet in London, Goldsboro Books (also in London), and Waterstones in Leeds all have some signed copies.

I will celebrate. Briefly. And then I will get back to the edits of book 3 (DAMNED), which are waiting in my in-box, because time and trade wait for no author. But there’s time for a glass of something first.

Thank you to all my readers. Your support is greatly appreciated.

(Oh, and we’re going to have a general election in the UK, so despite the rainy weather, I will go to bed in a thoroughly elated mood, and in hopes of a better government in a few months’ time.)

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