When I write “saloon”, I wonder if I’ve got the correct number of ls, then I add it in to check and get “salloon”, then I realise that no, “saloon” was definitely the right spelling . . .

Er. Anyhow. This is your regularly scheduled last chance warning for several special offers. I don’t have much news besides that: still working on book five, still wrapping up warm as it gets colder.

The Lost Plot giveaway (US only) is still up on Goodreads, though only for another couple of days.

The Invisible Library, The Masked City, and The Burning Page are all still at 99p for Kindle/ebook on amazon (UK only) for another couple of days. They’re also all three at 99p on iBooks (UK again only, sorry), for those who prefer that format. However, I don’t think this is going to last past the end of October, so take your advantage while you can, if you’re after any of them.

(It always feels a bit inappropriate to be pushing special offers like this at people reading this blog – probably we’re just all too socialised when we’re young about not “showing off”. Still, I assume there are people out there who might like to know . . .)

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