After a refined and randomised selection process – no, it didn’t involve throwing steaks with the numbers attached to a pack of dire wolves – the following people have won codes for a free copy of The Lost Plot audiobook.

Here on my blog:
Hazel Pinner
Amy Keister

On the Goodreads version of the blog:
Debbie Rozier

I’ve notified the people on Goodreads via private message.
However, the other winners – Hazel Pinner, Andreas, and Amy Keister – will need to email me (at in order to get their free codes. Please note that I have no way of sending you the codes otherwise – I don’t think that I should be posting them publicly on this blog!

Thanks to all who put their names in, and I hope you enjoy the book – and I hope that everyone else enjoys it, too. Apologies to those who didn’t win. There will always be another time . . .

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