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The Mortal Word audiobook is now out, and I propose a giveaway. Reply to this post (either here, or on Goodreads) and tell me which other book from the Invisible Library series you would also like as an audiobook, and five lucky winners will get both the audiobook of The Mortal Word, and also the one that they’ve requested!

Closing date/time to enter the giveaway and leave a comment is midnight (24:00) UK time, on Friday 21st December. I’ll try to select the winners and email out the audiobook authorisation codes on Saturday 22nd. (Before going home on Sunday 23rd to my parents for the holiday . . .)

Many thanks to everyone who’s already bought and enjoyed The Mortal Word, or any other books from the series. (And remember, every author likes getting good reviews on Amazon as a Christmas present . . .)

16 responses to “Christmas giveaway!”

  1. TeriB says:

    Love this series so much. The Lost Plot, please.

  2. Jennifer says:

    The Burning Page please.

  3. Nicole Savage says:

    This is one of my favorite series! I’d like The Invisible Library as my other audiobook if I’m lucky enough to win, please.

  4. Andrea H says:

    Since I’ve been planning to read the series again from the beginning once I finish The Mortal Word, I’d like the audiobook of The Invisible Library, please.

  5. Linda says:

    Oooh, I love audiobooks to lull me to sleep. If I’m lucky I’d also like The Invisible Library, please.

  6. Jane says:

    The Masked City please

  7. Melanie says:

    The Lost Plot for me please. I just love this series so much. Thank you, Genevieve!

  8. Cathy Lee says:

    I love this series so much! I have started to read the series all over again. The audio book would be great as I have dyslexia The Lost Plot please Genevieve!

  9. transcendlove says:

    yay! the invisible library! ❤️

  10. Kadri Majamees says:

    I just discovered your series, so The Invisible Library. I work in the field of medical statistics as well. Best Christmas wishes from Estonia!

  11. Brenda says:

    I would love to listen to your magical books! I would like to start at the beginning with THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY,please & thank you!

  12. Maire C. says:

    I just finished a binge read of the Mortal World, dropping everything else to the annoyance of others in my life. C’mon, we all do it!
    Each of your books is like a good friend, but I would grateful to share the Masked City on audio with a fellow sci-fi & fantasy fan who sadly, only watches movies as reading “makes him fall asleep.” An audio version during a car trip may be just the ticket to help him discover what he has been missing all these years.
    I look forward to future adventures. Thank you!

  13. Klaudia Seibel says:

    The Burning Page!

  14. Steffi says:

    Ooh, it’s hard to choose one, but I’d probably like The Invisible Library.

  15. Ru says:

    Difficult choice however I would choose The Invisible Library to get my sister started in the series with book 1.

  16. K.C. says:

    Gah, think I’m too late for the giveaway

    But not too late to drop kudos for your series ;^^

    If I had a choice, I’d choose the Burning Page

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