The Secret Chapter is out today in the UK, and I hope you all enjoy it! (US release date is January 2020 – apologies.)

For convenience in buying, here’s a link:

In other news, The Mortal Word is still available for just 99p as an e-book, at

And some American news: the e-book of The Masked City is currently being featured in a Bookbub low price promotion through November 24thfor just $1.99:

9 responses to “The Secret Chapter – released!”

  1. Hannah says:

    Once again I was completely unable to put it down so read it through the night. Loved it. The balance was really good between the fun/adventure plot and progressing the deeper, more serious series-long plots/themes. I like that you do give us answers – and decent answers – the longer term mysteries within the series. And none of my fan theories got debunked! The new characters were good and I really like how you’re developing Kai and that we got a couple of bits from his perspective. You get bonus points for getting in a dig about Brexit. My favourite moment was the revelation that Kai writes poems in his head when he’s having to control his temper. Thank you for writing another hugely enjoyable novel!

  2. yvon Calkhoven says:

    loved the story, again you were able to create another world with lots of things going on that relate to the “real” world.
    I really like to meet Kai!!!!

  3. matt says:

    Consistently high quality. When’s the next one?

    I liked particularly the part about why CENSOR is an English acronym.

  4. Nona says:

    Will Secret Chapter be released in Audible format? Can’t wait to read (listen) to it!

    • grcogman says:

      Hi Nona – I understand that it will be released in Audible format, and I’m checking to find out when. I’ll post about it when I have more details.

      • Nona says:

        Thank you. Your reader really brings life to your characters. I always look forward to listening to your books! Appreciate you keeping us posted.

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