Only a few days to go till the release of Scarlet – 6 days till the US release (on the 9th of May) and 8 days till the UK release (on the 11th of May). Can I say that makes it a week on average?

I’ve just handed in the draft of Book 2 (yes, it has a title, and I’ll share it as soon as I can) to my publishers. Soon enough I’ll get it back with red ink all over it, but for the moment I’m having a few days away from the Scarlet Pimpernel and all his friends. (Unfortunately I don’t get any days off the day job, but that’s life.)

Upcoming coronation in the UK. My feelings about our royalty are – well, rather mixed, and I certainly won’t be swearing allegiance or joining in any great cry of acclamation, but I will be watching it, if only for useful background detail. After all, what if I want to write a future heist set during a coronation, or something similar? Vitally important research. And the coronation music should be good.

And then there’s the Eurovision Song Contest next week, which I will definitely be watching.

I’ll also be attending the Cymera convention in Edinburgh during the first weekend in June. I went last year, and it was excellent.

Finally, if you feel like following me on Bookbub, the link’s here – – and I’m selfishly motivated to ask you to do it, because I understand that the more followers I have there, the more cool publicity I get.

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