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Reddit – AMA on Friday 13th

There hasn’t been much news lately, I’m afraid – and I’ve been neck-deep in edits on book five and writing on book six.

But here is something which may interest people – I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit on Friday 13th April, at 8-10pm UK time. My username there is GCogman, and I’ll try to post a link to it on the day itself.

Book Five – THE MORTAL WORD – US cover reveal!

Your Imminence, your Disgraces, my Thorns, Shadies, and Gentledevils – no, wait, that’s from Screwtape Proposes a Toast. Wrong context. Ahem.

I am delighted to be able to share the US cover and the lead-in text for book five of the Invisible Library series, The Mortal Word.

The Mortal Word

When Irene returns to London after a relatively straightforward book theft, Bradamant informs her that there is a top secret dragon-Fae peace conference in progress that the Library is mediating, but that the second-in-command dragon has been stabbed to death. Tasked with solving the case, Vale and Irene immediately go to 1890s Paris.

Once they arrive, it seems that the murder victim had uncovered evidence suggesting that he may have found proof of treachery by one or more Librarians. But to ensure the peace of the conference, some Librarians are already hostages in the dragon and Fae courts. To save the captives, including her parents, Irene must get to the bottom of this murder—but was it dragon, Fae, or even a Librarian who committed the crime?

(And yes, I’ve seen the UK cover too, and it’s also gorgeous – hopefully I can share that soon as well . . .)

The Library continues – more books coming!

I am absolutely delighted to share the news that Pan Macmillan will be bringing out three more Invisible Library books. (Yes, that’s books 6-8 in the series.)

Here’s the press release.

I’m really past speech here. When I was writing the first book, I never dreamed it would go anything like this far. Thank you all, everyone who’s been reading the books, and who’ve convinced my publishers to continue the series. Thank you.

In other news, The Invisible Library is going to be published in Russia by AST, and in Romania by Nemira. Again . . . well, this isn’t something I ever dared hope for, but it’s fantastic that it’s happening.

At the moment, in between all this joyful news, I’m working on editing book five. Though next week I will be taking a little break and spending a few days in Barcelona. Not for work, just for my own pleasure – though I will be doing a little research while I’m there. At least the weather should be better than it is in the UK at the moment!

Best wishes to you all, and thanks again.

The Lost Plot – audiobook winners

After a refined and randomised selection process – no, it didn’t involve throwing steaks with the numbers attached to a pack of dire wolves – the following people have won codes for a free copy of The Lost Plot audiobook.

Here on my blog:
Hazel Pinner
Amy Keister

On the Goodreads version of the blog:
Debbie Rozier

I’ve notified the people on Goodreads via private message.
However, the other winners – Hazel Pinner, Andreas, and Amy Keister – will need to email me (at in order to get their free codes. Please note that I have no way of sending you the codes otherwise – I don’t think that I should be posting them publicly on this blog!

Thanks to all who put their names in, and I hope you enjoy the book – and I hope that everyone else enjoys it, too. Apologies to those who didn’t win. There will always be another time . . .

Audio giveaway – now over

And that’s it. We have passed midnight on Saturday 27th January (UK time), and the chance to enter for the audio giveaway is now over. Winners will be announced shortly. Thanks to all who put their names in.

The Lost Plot – audio giveaway

Apologies for not posting for a few days – things have been hectic. I’ve just turned in the first draft for book five (yes, it has a title, yes, I’ve seen the cover, yes, I hope to show you both soon) and the day job is also in the middle of a busy cycle. So I have had very little brain of late.

However, I do have a special giveaway!

Please respond to this post. From the collected people who’ve replied here by Saturday 27th January, I will pick five people at random who will win a copy of the audiobook version of The Lost Plot.

(Terms and conditions: end of giveaway will be Saturday 27th January, 12 o’clock midnight UK time. Also, I will list the names of the people who got drawn as winners on a later blog post here, but if you don’t respond to me, I will not know your email and I will have no way of sending you the authorisation code for the audiobook. Which would be a pity.)

And thank you, to everyone who’s bought the book, whether as physical book, ebook, or audio – I hope you enjoyed it.

The Lost Plot – now out in America!

The Lost Plot is released in America today.

(Insert lots of exclamation marks here.)

Amazon – The Lost Plot

Audible – The Lost Plot audiobook

Thank you to everyone who’s supporting the series. I hope that you enjoy it! (I love you all, have some cocktails, dance the night away, get chased by wolves, etcetera…)

The Lost Plot – out in the UK!

I suppose I should really have posted about this on the day itself, but I was absolutely exhausted that evening. Apologies.

Anyhow, The Lost Plot is now out in the UK. I hope people enjoy it. Picture me, if you will, doing my best to look blase and calm over in this corner, while hiding my nervous twitches. At least I have Christmas panics, er, preparations to distract me.

And it will soon be out in the US, too – just another month . . .

There’s also currently a giveaway running on Goodreads for The Invisible Library, my first book – US readers only, I’m afraid.

I’ll try to post again before Christmas. If I don’t, then a very happy Christmas and New Year to all of you. And thank you for reading my books. It is very much appreciated.

Masters in This Hall

It’s December, and we had the work Christmas lunch today. (And a rather subdued afternoon afterwards, with a lot of coffee to assist attempts to stay awake . . .)

The Lost Plot comes out in the UK in (checks calendar) five days. (It’s the 9th now in the UK. Don’t judge me for staying up late.) I am in the usual state of delight that a book I’ve written is going to be published – I mean, wow! – and also terror that nobody will like it and I’ll be a dismal failure, etcetera. As ever, impostor syndrome and author paranoia don’t respond very well to common sense and logic and reassurances, however kind they are.

Ah well.

For people in the UK, Goodreads is currently doing a giveaway for copies of The Lost Plot, running up to December 14th.

Other than that, I’m working on edits of book five (and I may be able to share the title and UK cover for that soon – trust me, it’s a beauty), panicking about Christmas stuff, writing cards and organising presents, dealing with the day job, trying to control an unhealthy fascination with bolts of kimono silk on ebay, eyeing my flat and trying not to think about how it needs hoovering, and so on. In other words, the usual.

And playing/singing Christmas carols. Because one of my personal rules is that I don’t indulge in them till we actually hit December and/or Advent. It makes it more fun that way. But now that we are thoroughly into both December and Advent, let’s turn up the volume and put the old favourites on –

Nowell! Nowell! Nowell!
Nowell, sing we loud!
God to-day hath poor folk raised
And cast a-down the proud…