The Dark Archive – special offer

Just a couple of updates.

The Dark Archive ebook is currently only 99p on UK Amazon. Available at – check it out while it lasts.

Otherwise I’m fine; just had my second COVID-19 jab (Moderna), and while the reaction wasn’t much fun, I’m feeling a great deal safer now. (Or at least, I will do when the 14 days post-jab is clear.) I do recommend very strongly that you all get the jab if you can (whatever variant – Moderna, A-Z, etc). It’ll make you safer, and those around you safer, and I think it’s the only way we (speaking globally) are going to get out of the current pandemic.

I’m working on Scarlet (book 1 of the Pimpernel/Vampire series) and I’ve also just received my edits for Library book 8, The Untold Story. (The preorder and cover for that is up on Amazon, too – With a bit of luck I’ll have the edits finished in a few weeks, and I can take a week off and go down to visit my parents, now that we’re all fully vaccinated. It’s been too long since I saw them.

The Burning Page – special offer

No great news this time, I’m afraid – and it’ll probably be a while before you hear anything more about Scarlet and its sequels. However, I wanted to share the news that The Burning Page ebook is currently just 99p on UK Amazon, at:

The Burning Page

In other aspects of my life, I’ve managed to update my personal tv setup so that I now have my new TV, DVD player, Netflix and Sky box all organised and working together. Now I can sit back with my knitting and sewing, and spend the rest of my life glued to the tv screen.

. . . oh, and do some writing too. In spare moments.

New trilogy – Scarlet!

I’m delighted to share that Pan Macmillan’s bought a new trilogy from me. But it’s not the Invisible Library – it involves the Scarlet Pimpernel. And vampires.

In Revolutionary France, the aristocrats are vampires – and they face the guillotine. However, the Scarlet Pimpernel, a disguised British noble, is determined to rescue them. These predators are being offered sanctuary by their aristocratic British kin, but at great cost to London’s ordinary people. Then an English maid discovers the only power that could stop them. Assuming she survives...

Full details at

(Book 8 of the Invisible Library series, The Untold Story, will be coming out later this year. And while Irene and Kai and the others are on pause, there may be more from them in the future. Even protagonists need a rest now and again . . .)

March update, and Invisible Library offer

Again, things are being quiet – work continues, writing continues, I wait for the edits on book 8, I hack away at another project (more details if that gets anywhere), and I keep my head down and wait for the vaccine. Since I’m under 50 with no significant comorbidities and I’m not a carer or on a frontline job, I’m probably going to be waiting a month or so longer. So it goes. At least there is a vaccine.

In brighter (or at least cheaper) news, THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY ebook is currently just 99p on UK Amazon. Check it out at – though I’ll entirely understand if you already have a copy…

Take care and stay safe. We’re getting there.

The Secret Chapter – ebook offer

The Secret Chapter ebook is currently just 99p on UK Amazon – details here.

Other than that, not much news for the moment, I’m afraid. Stay safe and warm, and take care.

The Dark Archive – audio in America

Just a quick note to say that The Dark Archive should now be available as audiobook in the US. Apologies for delay and confusion.

audiobook situation

For people who’ve been asking if the audiobooks of the Library series have vanished – the ownership of the audiobook rights has changed, and they will be returning soon with a new narrator. (This is one of the things that can happen with audiobooks.) They should be returning soon, but I’m afraid I don’t have any specific dates. I apologise for the inconvenience. Hopefully the audiobook of The Dark Archive will be available in America soon, too; I’m looking into that.

Things are quiet here otherwise. I’ve sent in the first draft of book 8 (yes, there is a title, no, I’m not sharing it yet) to my editor, and am working on other stuff in the meantime. Stay safe, stay warm, take care, wear masks, socially distance, and please take care of yourselves and those around you.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone – let’s hope it’s an improvement, with bad becoming good, and good becoming better. (I could say “couldn’t get worse”, but let’s not tempt fate.)

And while you’re here – The Mortal Word ebook is currently just 99p on UK Amazon. Take advantage at:

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas, or some other holiday, or nothing specific but you’re off work anyhow – I hope you have a good Christmas period and that we can move on together to a happy new year.

Take care and stay safe.

(And if you’re having Christmas alone because of COVID-19 precautions? So am I – my parents live down in the south of England and I live up in the north, and I’m not risking their health. You’re doing the right thing. Enjoy your Christmas and we’ll see our loved ones next year.)

all giveaway books now posted

Thanks to everyone who put their names in for the giveaway (which closed on Thursday at midnight UK time) – the winners have been chosen and the books are now in the post.

I’d like to hope they get there before Christmas, but, well, the postal service is very busy at the moment. So let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Thanks to everyone who sent their names in.