last chance saloon for special offers

When I write “saloon”, I wonder if I’ve got the correct number of ls, then I add it in to check and get “salloon”, then I realise that no, “saloon” was definitely the right spelling . . .

Er. Anyhow. This is your regularly scheduled last chance warning for several special offers. I don’t have much news besides that: still working on book five, still wrapping up warm as it gets colder.

The Lost Plot giveaway (US only) is still up on Goodreads, though only for another couple of days.

The Invisible Library, The Masked City, and The Burning Page are all still at 99p for Kindle/ebook on amazon (UK only) for another couple of days. They’re also all three at 99p on iBooks (UK again only, sorry), for those who prefer that format. However, I don’t think this is going to last past the end of October, so take your advantage while you can, if you’re after any of them.

(It always feels a bit inappropriate to be pushing special offers like this at people reading this blog – probably we’re just all too socialised when we’re young about not “showing off”. Still, I assume there are people out there who might like to know . . .)

Goodreads giveaway for The Lost Plot!

My American publishers are wonderful people who are doing a giveaway for The Lost Plot at the moment. Check it out at:

Dates are from Oct 10 – Oct 30, 2017, and sadly it’s only for the US, but if you want a chance at a copy . . .

back, exhausted, and more reductions

I’m now back from Vienna – which was awesome. I met some very nice people there (hi, Birgit and Eva!) and I saw a lot of the city – though there was far more that I’d have liked to see. I saw the National Library, the Art History Museum, the Sisi Museum and the Royal Apartments and the Royal Treasury and the Spanish Riding School and the Josephinum and the Prater and . . . (fingers give out)

It was magnificent. And the food was awesome. And I saw Don Giovanni at the Opera House, and Tanz der Vampire at the Ronacher. (My first time seeing Tanz der Vampire, though I’ve listened to the music often enough – it’s probably a good thing that was my last day, or I’d have been trying to find a way to manage to go a second time . . .)

Anyhow. Back to work. Or rather, back to work next week, as I have the rest of this week off. (And will be using the time to catch up with work on book five.)

On a money-saving note, The Masked City is still available on for Kindle at 99p, and I see that The Burning Page is now also available on for Kindle at 99p. I have no idea how long this will last, so if you’re after one or both of them, this is a good moment to take advantage.

The Masked City – now reduced as ebook!

It seems to be a new month and a new offer. Well, it is a new month and it is a new offer.

The Masked City ebook is now reduced on Amazon (UK, sorry). I have no control over this sort of thing, but isn’t it convenient?

Off to Austria tomorrow. Trying not to panic as I go through my mental list of things to check. A pile of stuff is waiting to be stuffed into my suitcase, etcetera. Was calming down earlier by watching The Great British Bakeoff while knitting. (That really is a very good way of calming down. I strongly recommend it.)

Am also suffering slightly from fictional blowback – after rereading a number of the Miss Marple short stories (Agatha Christie), I find myself imagining trying to explain things to Miss Marple as if she was standing next to me. It’s easy enough to explain Great British Bakeoff, but rather more difficult to explain the Umineko manga. “Well, it’s about a murder mystery, which is then repeated in different variations, and there are demons and witches and Knox’s Ten Commandments and swordfights . . .”

running out of days

The Invisible Library is still available as an ebook on Amazon at a very reduced rate (just £1.19) until the end of the month. (And it seems to have been selling very well indeed – thank you, anyone who bought it! If I weren’t so very English, I would be running around and going *squee*.)

I’ve been interviewed by Taiara Desirée on the Brazilian website Bloguesia – you can find it here. (In Portuguese, and many thanks to Taiara for the interview and for translating it.)

Bloguesia interview

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to next week’s holiday in Vienna. Reports that I’ve been going demob happy at work and babbling about all the cool stuff I’ll see and do are vastly exaggerated. I only babble a bit. Besides, one of my coworkers is off to Cuba in a few weeks herself. So it’s not as if I’m the only one doing surreptitious holiday research in a spare browser window . . .


I am delighted to be able to say that The Invisible Library is going to be published in Estonia, by Varrak. This is absolutely fantastic. I’m so – well, I’m running out of superlatives here, but I’m absolutely thrilled that my books are being popular not only in English, but in other languages as well.

There is probably personal bias here. My father was a lecturer in French literature before his retirement, so I grew up with the concept of books in other languages as, well, a thing – that they existed, and that the more books that were translated and available to read in all languages, the more we all got out of books in general. So while I’m very pleased that my books are doing well in English-speaking areas, I’m also punching the air and going, “Yes!” whenever I find that they’ll be translated into another language as well.

I’m sure Irene would understand.

In other news: The Invisible Library e-book on continues to be just £1.19, and I think it’s staying that way till the end of the month, so I’ll probably be posting about it again in the near future. The Lost Plot is signed off (signed, sealed, and delivered) and with the publishers in both the UK and the US. Book five . . . is still being worked on. Cats are involved.

For all those being afflicted by any or all of the ongoing hurricanes (from Harvey through to Katia), my sincere sympathy, and I hope you’ll all be okay.

Invisible Library ebook special offer on UK Amazon

It seems that the Kindle/ebook version of The Invisible Library is currently available on UK Amazon for just £1.19.

So if you want to pick it up cheap, now’s the moment . . .

(With apologies to all those who aren’t on UK Amazon.)

a little August update

First thought – much sympathy to anyone in Houston, and in Texas in general. I hope you stay safe.

Rewinding a bit: Fantasy in the Court was excellent, and the Nine Worlds convention was also excellent. (And going home to visit my parents and crash for a week or so after that was really excellent.)

I’ve handed in the final proofs for both the UK and the US versions of The Lost Plot. Irene and co are ready to go.

The Masked City (A Cidade das Máscaras) is now out in Brazil, and I really hope that people are enjoying it. (Nervous author, yes . . .)

September approaches. Great Northern Quilt Show next week. (Will I go? Definitely. Will I spend too much? Probably.) Trip to Austria scheduled for the beginning of October – my autumn holiday, and yes, I have booked a ticket to the opera while I’m there. Now I just need to find a way to write it off as expenses for research. (Perhaps a future location for Irene and Kai to visit . . .)

I fear I lost the plot, and the schedule too

(looks at the date)

Whoops. Er, sorry . . .

Life has been ridiculously busy lately. The day job has been more than usually hectic, plus first there were edits on book four, then copy-edits, then proof-pages, together with working on book five . . .

Anyhow, we are about to hit a few days pause, as I will be attending Fantasy in the Court on Thursday in London, and then Nine Worlds convention for the next few days after that, and then going to visit my parents for a few days of (what feels like) well-deserved collapse.

But just for the record – I aten’t dead (to quote Granny Weatherwax) yet, I’m just keeping my head down so much that I forget about things like blogging. For which apologies. My current reading matter includes Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw (very good), the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion (also very good), and Crewel Embroidery by Sue Hawkins (something which I have yet to attempt).

The Masked City (A Cidade das Máscaras) comes out in Brazil on the 11th August from my publisher there, Morro Branco – I hope readers enjoy it. And I’ll be returning the proof-pages for The Lost Plot to Pan Macmillan tomorrow, so that’s moving forward too . . .

back from Budapest

Back from Budapest, and back (mostly) from the heavy workload that landed on me just as I returned.

Budapest was fantastic. Gorgeous city, beautiful weather, lovely food and drink – I came back with several bottles of palinka and tokaji. (And if you have just looked up these words and found out that they refer to fruit brandy and dessert wine, and resolved to try some later, then congratulations, Lord Silver is proud of you.)

The only problem I had was that the airline misplaced my luggage. Imagine, if you like, the entertainment value of arriving at about 11.30pm, then not having your luggage show up, and having to negotiate the whole “help, my luggage is not here” with the airport information desk at that hour of night. (Though to be fair, the information desk people were very helpful and gave me the relevant forms to fill in, and my luggage showed up in pristine condition the next day, late afternoon.) But at the time I was just a little distraught. Fortunately there was a easy-to-get minibus from the airport to local hotels, so I was able to get to my hotel without any more hassle, and they were apparently quite used to guests showing up with stories of “the airline has misplaced my luggage”. They took my forms and gave me a toothbrush.

No, seriously, I wanted that toothbrush. Given the current delightful state of air travel and what one can put in one’s hand luggage, I had no toiletries. By that point in the day, I really wanted a toothbrush.

But, well, other than that valuable learning experience (mental note: “the airline lost my luggage” must be an excellent excuse for Librarians explaining why they’re looking a bit unkempt or in inappropriate clothing), Budapest was absolutely brilliant. Strongly recommended.

Other than that, I’ve handed in my current set of edits on book four, and am working on book five. We progress slowly, but hopefully we do progress.