Snow started locally midmorning and went on till just after lunch. It was very pretty. None of it lay locally, I’m glad to say, though fingers crossed that we don’t have any ice tomorrow. So far (touch wood) not quite the drama that the newspapers have been warning is us coming.

Gave way to temptation and ordered some art books from Dover Books, as follows:
I have some Cunning Plans about printing out some images from these on fabric and incorporating them in quilts. Time will tell if these Cunning Plans actually work. I already have a few other books in that series (Japanese Prints, Japanese Ghosts & Demons, and Decorative Butterfly Illustrations), and the theory seems sound, so we shall see. In between, you know, everything else I’m doing.

HMV is apparently about to go into administration. Dammit. I like being able to go to a high street store and look through new CDs/DVDs/etc. Even if one can download tons of stuff, or buy from amazon, it’s not the same.

The government has unveiled its new pension policy. Analyses seem mixed. I do not wish to be too prejudiced, but at the same time I would not trust the current government to pour its own piss out of a boot with instructions written on the sole. Therefore I am nervous. I know it’s about twenty-five years off for me yet, but even so.

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