Today is the UK release of The Untold Story.

(Don’t think of it as necessarily the end of the series; just think of it as the end of the current season. There may be more, later – but I have to finish the new trilogy first . . .)

I can only say that I hope you enjoy it.

And cheer up, US readers – it’ll be out for you too very soon.

25 responses to “The Untold Story – released!”

  1. Christian Brunschen says:

    I inhaled The Untold Story overnight: Couldn’t fall asleep yesterday, so started reading until I couldn’t any more … woke up too early this morning, continued to read and … somehow didn’t feel like getting up out of bed until I had reached the end!

    Did I enjoy it? Well … I ended up buying a bundle of the first 6 books in the series for a friend, hoping that they, too, will love them as much as I do. So … yes? 🙂

  2. Emma Christie says:

    Loved it. A fitting end for that particular story arc, and still so much more that can be done. Thank-you for leaving the door to The Library open.

  3. Laura says:

    Do you know when the audiobook will be available in the US? I’ve listened to all 7 books multiple times and can’t wait for the 8th!

  4. Liv says:

    Hi Genevieve! Is there perhaps any word when the audiobook will be released in the US? So far paperbacks and kindle are, but the audiobook is only available in the UK.

    Thank you so much for these books that have gotten me through this year!

  5. Kerrie says:

    Thank you for a wonderful book, I’ve not long finished devouring it and was concerned that this might be the end but I’m reassured that it was merely the end of one particular story arc and you’re not done with that universe for good. I can’t wait to see what escapades Irene and co. get up to in the future.

  6. Miranda Johson says:

    Is the audiobook coming to Audible US soon? It’s maddening to have the other 7 as audiobooks and not the new one.

  7. Peter says:

    So I was wondering…there are a plethora of dragon related archetypes not specifically relating to a dragon character out there. Dragon rider or dragon hunter just to name a few.
    Id be interested in knowing how these all play out in the world.

    It seems kind of incredulous based on how ‘real’ dragons are represented, but are there dragons who participate in these stories? And are these fey/dragon relationships frowned upon by both parties?
    I suppose a dragon killer would be heralded as a hero by other fey (pre-treaty)?
    Or are the fey able to conjure up faximilies of dragons, which are seen as a scourge. Following this line, could a fey conjure up a true dragon, but one linked to chaos rather than order?

    • grcogman says:

      Off the top of my head (I admit I haven’t thought about this much), there are probably some magic-aspected worlds with large flying winged reptiles which might be hunted or ridden, but such reptiles aren’t intelligent, and genuine dragons (at least, the ones I’ve written for this setting) would be very insulted by any comparisons.

      Any Fae who did try to build up an archetype as a dragon-slayer would have to actually slay multiple dragons, and while they might achieve a certain notoriety among other Fae, they would also have an increasingly large number of dragons wanting to wipe them out because, well, this Fae is going round _killing their family members_. (At which point their Fae allies might melt away, not wanting to be caught in any overwhelming use of force.) General posturing of hostility is well and good, but actual hostile actions which will provoke very hostile reactions are more variable in terms of popularity (and in terms of standing next to the person who’s doing it).

      I don’t think a Fae could somehow snap their fingers and conjure up a dragon.

  8. Heather says:

    I’m not certain if I’ve stumbled upon the website owned by the author herself, Genevieve Cogman. But I am hoping someone may be able to answer my question:
    Is it possible to purchase a box set of all the Invisible Library novels?
    I have been searching since before Christmas to see if there is, but am not having any luck.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    These books have been a boon to me and I would love to own them all. 🙂
    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

    • grcogman says:

      Yes, this is my own website, and I’m the author.

      I’m afraid I don’t think anyone’s brought out a box set of all the novels – apologies. You may have to buy them separately. I’m very flattered that you want to own them all, though! Thank you.

  9. Matt says:

    Somehow the last two books in the series were published without me noticing. I’m sure I had a notification request on amazon. But all caught up now.

    Brilliant! Great ending.

    My daughter bought the first one and asked me to read it so I could tell her if it’s any good. I was immediately hooked. She still hasn’t started… but she’s weakening.

    I do think that Irene should have invested/should invest some time learning/inventing The Language sign language. It would have been so useful!

    • grcogman says:

      I’m afraid the Language doesn’t seem to work as sign language, despite the vigorous attempts of multiple Librarians in cases where they couldn’t speak. (Irene can insult people with multiple different gestures, though!)

      Very glad you enjoy the series. I hope your daughter does too, but if not – well, there are plenty of good books out there.

  10. Rebecca E says:

    Similar assurances were made by Kate Griffin (aka Catherine Webb, aka Claire North) about her Matthew Swift/Magicals Anonymous series and yet all fell to silence. She just changed her name and became famous with other (more digestible books for a wider audience) novels and forgot her other fans. Not so much as a substantial peep regarding her unfinished works.

    Forgive me if I take this three-book-break with a monumental pile of salt.

  11. Michael Cope says:

    Have read through half very very good hatd to put down looking forward to more! Thank you

  12. Cintia says:

    I’m obsessed with those books. Finishing this one this week. Thank you so much for this new world in my heart. Please don’t stop ♡ cheers from Brazil.

  13. Mibbs says:

    Like another reader mentioned, I thought I had a notification request on Amazon that apparently passed me by completely. I’ve avidly followed from the series from the start so I’m sad it’s over. Bought last month but saved for my holiday week; inhaled in a day :D. Brilliant ending. Looking forward to more (of…well anything actually) from you in the future!

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