So where are things at the moment? Well, I’m nearly halfway (call it 4/10) through the first draft of book four, and I’ve also just received the copy-edits back for book three. So I’m keeping busy.

(What, you say, don’t all authors recline on sofas made from compacted bundles of cash while sipping absinthe and having handsome concubines rub their shoulders? I hate to disappoint you, but that would be fiction rather than fact, and only occurs in high-Chaos alternates.)

I’ve also been absolutely thrilled to find out that The Invisible Library is in the June 2016 LibraryReads list – a list of the top ten books chosen by librarians across the country. (In this case, the USA.) See the details at, and get some excellent recommendations for other books while you’re at it.

I would do a little dance of delight, but these days I’d rather just sit back and work on the next chapter of book four. That’s more constructive, right?

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