In fact, very cool things in the last week.

Today I found out that The Invisible Library has been given a starred review by Publishers Weekly. This is absolutely fantastic. The review’s up at, and I’m fighting the urge to run round showing it to everyone. (Wait, this is what I have a blog and twitter for! How convenient!)

Secondly, The Invisible Library is the most loved cover on NetGalley for April. This is the gorgeous American cover. (The UK cover is also gorgeous. And so is the German one. I am extremely grateful to my publishers.) See the details at and admire all the others while you’re at it.

Thirdly, The Invisible Library (noticing a trend here?) has been nominated in the High School section for this year’s Sakura Medal in Japan. The Sakura Medal is a book award voted on by children and young adults from international schools across Japan : it started in 2006. I’m very honoured to have been nominated as one of the candidates. Details are at

In the meantime, I’m reading through the proofs for the American edition of The Masked City, waiting for the copy-edits of The Burning Page, and working on book four…

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