So with The Masked City coming out in the States next week, am I nervous? Of course not, she says unconvincingly, wearing a path in the carpet with her constant pacing…

But in the meantime, we now have two giveaways!

Here’s the first:
Goodreads giveaway of The Masked City – US only, ends 4th September

And here’s a brand new one:
Tor giveaway of both The Invisible Library and The Masked City – US only, ends 4th September

Now please excuse me while I go off to work on book 4. Irene is currently sitting up from trauma and demanding brandy. She’s very predictable…

2 responses to “giveaways and nervousness”

  1. Ashley McConnell says:

    Catalog me sobbing for not signing up in time for these giveaways. I swear I will do better for book 3…

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