I have some good news – I just can’t share it yet. I realise that this is not spectacularly helpful or enlightening, but I can only say that I think you’ll be pleased when you hear it.

(And no, guessing won’t help. The ninjas will come and drag me away if I answer any questions.)

Here’s something more immediately relevant: a giveaway from Penguin Random House for all three volumes (so far!) of the Invisible Library series. (US readers only – sorry.)

Invisible Library Sweepstakes
(Entry between 12:00 am (ET) October 15th, 2016 and 11:59 pm (ET) November 15th, 2016…)

I realise December is approaching fast, and The Burning Page with it. Taking deep breaths over here and hoping that people will enjoy it. Time really does fly. It seems only yesterday that the first book came out. And I don’t feel as if anything’s changed. It’s not as if a special fairy godpublisher comes over with a magic wand to wave it over your head and say, “Cinderella, you are now a published author!” and then the pumpkin coach and mouse footmen show up…

But on the other hand, there are copies of my book on the shelves. I think I prefer that to a pumpkin coach and mouse footmen.

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