(looks at the date)

Whoops. Er, sorry . . .

Life has been ridiculously busy lately. The day job has been more than usually hectic, plus first there were edits on book four, then copy-edits, then proof-pages, together with working on book five . . .

Anyhow, we are about to hit a few days pause, as I will be attending Fantasy in the Court on Thursday in London, and then Nine Worlds convention for the next few days after that, and then going to visit my parents for a few days of (what feels like) well-deserved collapse.

But just for the record – I aten’t dead (to quote Granny Weatherwax) yet, I’m just keeping my head down so much that I forget about things like blogging. For which apologies. My current reading matter includes Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw (very good), the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion (also very good), and Crewel Embroidery by Sue Hawkins (something which I have yet to attempt).

The Masked City (A Cidade das Máscaras) comes out in Brazil on the 11th August from my publisher there, Morro Branco – I hope readers enjoy it. And I’ll be returning the proof-pages for The Lost Plot to Pan Macmillan tomorrow, so that’s moving forward too . . .

2 responses to “I fear I lost the plot, and the schedule too”

  1. Jess says:

    I am very much looking forward to the Lost Plot. ^_^

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