First thought – much sympathy to anyone in Houston, and in Texas in general. I hope you stay safe.

Rewinding a bit: Fantasy in the Court was excellent, and the Nine Worlds convention was also excellent. (And going home to visit my parents and crash for a week or so after that was really excellent.)

I’ve handed in the final proofs for both the UK and the US versions of The Lost Plot. Irene and co are ready to go.

The Masked City (A Cidade das Máscaras) is now out in Brazil, and I really hope that people are enjoying it. (Nervous author, yes . . .)

September approaches. Great Northern Quilt Show next week. (Will I go? Definitely. Will I spend too much? Probably.) Trip to Austria scheduled for the beginning of October – my autumn holiday, and yes, I have booked a ticket to the opera while I’m there. Now I just need to find a way to write it off as expenses for research. (Perhaps a future location for Irene and Kai to visit . . .)

4 responses to “a little August update”

  1. Melinda says:

    Dear Genevieve,

    so excited about news of The Lost Plot and so eager to finally have it in my hands & read it. ­čÖé
    Wishing you lovely autumn hols.

  2. RICK HAUERT says:

    I’d love to see our hero’s in Austria and, gasp, discover they both have a REAL hidden talent. “Bringing down the house” could gain a whole new meaning! (oh, the need for immersive research is clearly evident!)

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