I’m now back from Vienna – which was awesome. I met some very nice people there (hi, Birgit and Eva!) and I saw a lot of the city – though there was far more that I’d have liked to see. I saw the National Library, the Art History Museum, the Sisi Museum and the Royal Apartments and the Royal Treasury and the Spanish Riding School and the Josephinum and the Prater and . . . (fingers give out)

It was magnificent. And the food was awesome. And I saw Don Giovanni at the Opera House, and Tanz der Vampire at the Ronacher. (My first time seeing Tanz der Vampire, though I’ve listened to the music often enough – it’s probably a good thing that was my last day, or I’d have been trying to find a way to manage to go a second time . . .)

Anyhow. Back to work. Or rather, back to work next week, as I have the rest of this week off. (And will be using the time to catch up with work on book five.)

On a money-saving note, The Masked City is still available on Amazon.co.uk for Kindle at 99p, and I see that The Burning Page is now also available on Amazon.co.uk for Kindle at 99p. I have no idea how long this will last, so if you’re after one or both of them, this is a good moment to take advantage.

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