It seems to be a new month and a new offer. Well, it is a new month and it is a new offer.

The Masked City ebook is now reduced on Amazon (UK, sorry). I have no control over this sort of thing, but isn’t it convenient?

Off to Austria tomorrow. Trying not to panic as I go through my mental list of things to check. A pile of stuff is waiting to be stuffed into my suitcase, etcetera. Was calming down earlier by watching The Great British Bakeoff while knitting. (That really is a very good way of calming down. I strongly recommend it.)

Am also suffering slightly from fictional blowback – after rereading a number of the Miss Marple short stories (Agatha Christie), I find myself imagining trying to explain things to Miss Marple as if she was standing next to me. It’s easy enough to explain Great British Bakeoff, but rather more difficult to explain the Umineko manga. “Well, it’s about a murder mystery, which is then repeated in different variations, and there are demons and witches and Knox’s Ten Commandments and swordfights . . .”

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