I can now reveal Book Seven of the Library series – The Dark Archive.

This is the US cover below: publication date should be December 2020 (though insert the usual caveats about how nothing is certain, the universe may yet crumble, etcetera).

UK cover will hopefully follow soon.

6 responses to “Book Seven – The Dark Archive”

  1. Linda says:

    I’m already so excited for the book. Funily enough the German title of “The lost plot” literally translates to “The dark archive”, so I wonder what they’ll call this book then.

    • grcogman says:

      Thank you! I think the German title of book 4 was because “The Lost Plot” didn’t work as a title for them. I’m sure they’ll think of something . . .

  2. Hannah says:

    Good title! Is the UK provisional publication date December as well? I don’t suppose you’re allowed to tell us anything about the plot yet…?

  3. Ivana says:

    Yay! Pre-ordered 🙂

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