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The weather has turned cold. I’m now working from home in a selection of entertaining sweatshirts (my current one says 3 POINTS IN LIBRARY USE – a Trail of Cthulhu reference) and no doubt I’ll soon be turning on the radiators, and smelling that delightful first-burnt-dust-of-the-season smell.

I’ve handed in the proofs of The Dark Archive (both US and UK) and am now back to fulltime hammering on book eight. I’ve also just been reading The Baron of Magister Valley by Steven Brust, and am having to work very hard to prevent his characters’ dialogue from infecting mine. (It’s one of his Dumas-style ones – if you’ve read them, you’ll know what I mean.) Still, that’s a problem with any excellent book. It stays with you.

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  1. MH says:

    Not entirely related to this post, but not unrelated either — I just wanted to say that I’m a healthcare worker who got into your books while trying to cope with pandemic crisis care. Your writing is one of the first things that has brought me joy in 6 months. I wanted to tell you, and to thank you.

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