Just a quick note to say that The Lost Plot ebook is currently available at 99p on UK Amazon (sorry, other countries). Check it out at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Plot-Invisible-Library-Book-ebook/dp/B06X6N22ZM

Life continues quietly otherwise – I get on with the day job, I get on with writing. Currently also working on a couple of baby quilts for coworkers who will be needing them soon, and a kimono (well, a yukata) for my aunt which needs to be done in time for Christmas.

And there’s the upcoming Halloween, of course – though it’s never as vibrant here in the UK as it seems to be in the US. (Even if the shops all have Halloween-themed sweets for sale – which will be half-price shortly when the Christmas-themed sweets go on sale…) And when it comes to character viewpoints on Halloween, bearing in mind their relevant points of origin and upbringing…

IRENE: Never take an assignment that involves going to a lonely manor house or isolated rustic village on Halloween. Trust me on this one.

KAI: Human festival. Not my problem.

VALE: There is a clear correlation between mystical societies celebrating their unholy rites and the date in question – which can be quite convenient when deducing the planned timetables of said mystical societies.

SILVER: Why yes, I have organised a huge party with everyone in costume, bobbing for apples, fake werewolf attack, timed opium release, and multiple available bedrooms. Why do you ask?

10 responses to “The Lost Plot – current offer”

  1. Hannah says:

    Poor Kai, unfortunately he’s going to discover it *is* his problem as soon as his invitation to Silver’s party arrives and diplomacy forces him and Irene to attend…

    • grcogman says:

      Ah, but that’s a tactical and strategic problem, not a cultural one.

      • Hannah says:

        True. Now I’m trying to decide if Kai would be able to bob for apples elegantly or if that is impossible for even a dragon to do whilst retaining their dignity.

        • grcogman says:

          His father Ao Guang could simply beckon and the apple would rise out of the bucket on top of a spout of water to his hand.

          Kai really wishes he could do that. (He’s not going to be at that level for a long while yet, though.)

          • MH says:

            Have you ever said (or will you ever tell us) how old Kai is in human years? Also, these party images are beyond delightful.

          • grcogman says:

            I’ve never actually worked out his age in human years, but I think it’s not more than a few decades – 40 or 50 at most. He’s certainly young by dragon standards. Glad you like the party images.

  2. MH says:

    Thank you! I had wondered if maybe he doesn’t actually know either since dragons don’t really seem to have that sense of time.

    • grcogman says:

      He probably does know, he just doesn’t consider it significant – he knows it’s going to be decades (if not centuries) before other dragons consider him as older than “young”. And dragons do recognise birthdays – though given respective cultures, it would usually be with a tasteful present rather than a birthday cake with candles. (Unless you have an elder sibling who is deliberately ignoring the fact that it’s your birthday, which is also something that can happen.)

      Kai absolutely considers himself “younger” than Irene and Vale, though their equal and friend. He appreciates the fact that he can lean on Irene’s judgment, and trusts that she’ll listen to his opinions.

      • MH says:

        Well this made my week! 😉 I have to admit that I might find Kai the most interesting character in the series, although I can’t actually choose a favorite. I love how the embassy positions have pushed Irene and Kai into more equal professional roles/almost a role reversal at times where she’s less comfortable with politics and diplomacy.

        All of your detail for your characters is just so rich and lovely.

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