When I was first reading school stories (and this was before the days of Harry Potter), among the stories that I read were the Molesworth books by Willans and Searle. I loved them. They were clever, funny, and of course the art was amazing. But there were jokes which I never understood at the time, and didn’t understand till I was re-reading them ten years later, because those books were written for adults just as much as they were written for children. They had something for everyone.

My name is Genevieve Cogman. As a day job, I work as a classifications specialist with the NHS. But above and beyond that, I write. So far, I have written and contributed to role-playing game supplements for White Wolf Publishing (for the Exalted and Orpheus lines, mainly), for Steve Jackson Games (GURPS Vorkosigan and a great deal of In Nomine material), Evil Hat Productions (the Dresden Files RPG), and Magnum Opus (Hearts, Swords, Flowers: The Art of Shoujo). (And I quilt, and bead, and knit, but those are beside the point in this particular entry.)

And I have also written a novel: The Invisible Library. I have been fortunate enough to get Lucienne Diver as an agent, and I look forward to working with her. What comes next is up in the air, but I am rather crossing my fingers and hoping.

As to what I want . . . I would like to write, or to have written, books that were worth reading, and that had something for everyone.

No, that’s too high-minded. I just want to write books that people will enjoy reading.

So since we have to start somewhere, I will say “hello clouds hello sky” like Fotherington-Thomas, dodge the hurled boots, and open the door on this blog.

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