The Invisible Library is still available as an ebook on Amazon at a very reduced rate (just £1.19) until the end of the month. (And it seems to have been selling very well indeed – thank you, anyone who bought it! If I weren’t so very English, I would be running around and going *squee*.)

I’ve been interviewed by Taiara Desirée on the Brazilian website Bloguesia – you can find it here. (In Portuguese, and many thanks to Taiara for the interview and for translating it.)

Bloguesia interview

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to next week’s holiday in Vienna. Reports that I’ve been going demob happy at work and babbling about all the cool stuff I’ll see and do are vastly exaggerated. I only babble a bit. Besides, one of my coworkers is off to Cuba in a few weeks herself. So it’s not as if I’m the only one doing surreptitious holiday research in a spare browser window . . .

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