The Italian translation of The Masked City, La città segreta, will be released tomorrow (18th April) in Italy.

It’s still astonishing to think that I’m being published in Italy – and given that part of the story is set in an Italy, I only hope that the readers enjoy it and that I haven’t failed too badly in portraying it. Venice is a beautiful city. Any faults are my own.

2 responses to “La città segreta – out tomorrow in Italy”

  1. Laura Periale says:

    I bought it as soon as I found it! Your Venice was wonderful, the atmosphere was simply perfect.
    Since I realized that it might well be another two years before the next one gets translated in Italian (The Masked City was first published around 2016, if I’m correct), I gave up on paper for now and bought the following books as e-books in English. Couldn’t wait two whole years!!
    I’ll still buy them when they do get released in Italian, since my Mom loves them too 😀
    Thanks for sharing your worlds with us.

    • grcogman says:

      Thank you! I’m delighted that you enjoyed it and that you liked my Venice. I do appreciate you buying the books in English – my thanks to you and your Mom. 😉

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