The year marches on, and there’s less than a fortnight to go till Edge-Lit 8 in Derby, which I will be attending (see for details). The lineup and schedule sound excellent, and I just need to get the copy-edits of book 6 (UK and US) finished and handed in . . .

The Invisible Library is on ebook offer at at the moment, at just 99p for (I think) the rest of July. I apologise to the rest of the world – believe me, there have been plenty of moments when I’ve seen a marvellous ebook offer on and been unable to take advantage due to my own location.

And speaking of the rest of the world, The Lost Word (or A Trama Perdida) comes out in Brazil on the 9th August. Many thanks to my publishers, Morro Branco.

I’m also in the middle of working on book 7. You know what they say – when in doubt, have your villains threaten to burn down a library, or a London, or something like that. Besides, as any villain would be quick to point out, it’s all Irene’s fault for being there in the first place, everyone and everything would be safe if not for her presence, etc, etc. That bit of self-justifying reasoning probably goes all the way back to the first villain who ever twirled a moustache.

There’s hardly time to do any sewing in the evenings – and I’m regretting having started a large project which involves sewing in a lot of loose ends. Mental note: if I ever do something in this pattern again, use a different method to quilt it. Ah well. I will feel very virtuous and accomplished when it’s done – and I will be able to get on with all the wonderful projects which I’ve thought of while being chained to the current project. (You know how that works.) I might even have it done in time for Worldcon in August, which is coming up fast . . .

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