The Secret Chapter has now been released in the US. Thank you to everyone who supports the series – and I’m working on the next one, so you’ll just have to be patient . . .

Here’s a link to the book:

10 responses to “The Secret Chapter now out in the US!”

  1. Emily says:

    Got mine on release day! I am SO excited to read it (right now rereading the series from the beginning). Still remains my top favorite series 😀

    How many volumes are you planning?

  2. Peter Caldarola says:

    A question referring to the printing in my particular copy of The Secret Chapter.

    It appears that throughout the entire book, all speech lines are in single strength apostrophes, rather than double strength apostrophes. I have listed an example below. Please pay attention to the quotation marks, as this is the issue I am referring to.

    This issue, unfortunately, sours the reading experience greatly.

    Single-strength ‘Hello, my name is Bob.’
    Double-strength “Hello, my name is Bob.”

    Is this peculiarity on purpose, or an accidental misprinting?

    Publisher: Pan Books

    P.S. I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum, so please disregard the other posts.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love this series! When will the audiobook version of The Secret Chapter be available?

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